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MCPD- Exam 70-513: Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

  1. This issue occurred in the ServiceHost during ServiceHost.Open(). Enable WMI by adding the following configuration to the system.serviceModel configuration section in the application configuration file <diagnostics wmiProviderEnabled="true"/> Restart the application and inspect the endpoints visible through WMI

  2. This issue occurred in the Service Host during ServiceHost.Open(). Compare the security settings for any endpoints that use an MSMQ transport to the security configuration of the MSMQ queue used by the endpoint.

  3. This issue occurred at the ServiceHost when receiving a message. Compare the security configurations on the client and server to make sure that they are compatible.

  4. This issue occurred at the ServiceHost when accepting an initial set of messages from MSMQ. Log all messages sent between the client and the sever.

Answer: Answer is b


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