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Mcq Answers for C#

  1. It always references the UTC (GMT) time

  2. It always references the Local  time

  3. It contains a member indicating which time zone it refers to

  4. It contains a member indicating whether the time is UTC, Local, or Unspecified

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

Useful resources, DateTime

  1. The method provided by the TimerCallback delegate will always be invoked on the thread which created the timer.

  2. The thread which creates the timer must have a message processing loop (i.e. be considered a UI thread)

  3. The class contains protection to prevent reentrancy to the method provided by the TimerCallback delegate

  4. You can receive notification of an instance being Disposed by calling an overload of the Dispose method

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

Useful resources,System.Threading.Timer

string t = "This Is a Test";
t.Replace("T", "?");
  1. ?his Is a ?est

  2. ?his Is a ?es?

  3. This Is a Test

  4. ?his Is a Test

Answer: Answer is c
Further Reading:

String is immutable, it’s can’t be modified. Replace will return new string. So we will not see any changes in our variable value “t”. Useful resources, String

  1. The permissions of the code which invoked the Demand method will be evaluated.

  2. For permissions which do a stack walk, an exception will occur only if NONE of the calling codes has the required permission

  3. For permissions which do a stack walk, an exception will occur if ANY of the calling codes does not have the required permission

  4. The permission levels of individual stack frames are always checked regardless of the  permission type.

Answer: Answer is c
Further Reading:

When a stack walk is performed, Demand succeeds only if no SecurityException is raised. Useful resources, IPermission.Demand method

  1. Structs can not implement interfaces

  2. Structs cannot inherit from a base struct

  3. Structs cannot have events interfaces

  4. Structs cannot have virtual methods

Answer: Answer is b
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Structs, Classes and Structs, Class and struct differences

  1. A Partial trust code can not emit and execute a code

  2. The generated code has no more permissions than the assembly which emitted it.

  3. It can be executed by calling System.Reflection.Emit.DynamicMethod( string name, Type returnType, Type[] parameterTypes ) without any special permissions

  4. None of the above

Answer: Answer is b, c
Further Reading:

Useful resources, System.Reflection, System.Reflection.Emit, DynamicMethod

  1. CreateComInstanceFrom

  2. CreateInstanceFrom

  3. GetInstance

  4. CreateInstance

  5. All of the above

Answer: Answer is a, b, d
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Activator class

class Sample 
  event MyEventHandlerType MyEvent; 
  1. MyEventHandlerType must be derived from System.EventHandler or System.EventHandler

  2. MyEventHandlerType must take two parameters, the first of the type Object, and the second of a class derived from System.EventArgs

  3. MyEventHandlerType may have a non-void return type

  4. If MyEventHandlerType is a generic type, event declaration must use a specialization of that type.

  5. MyEventHandlerType cannot be declared static

Answer: Answer is c, d

class Sample
  public Sample(int x)
  1. public Sample() : this(1) { }

  2. public Sample() : Sample(1) {}

  3. Both of the above

  4. One class constructor can not directly access another constructor

Answer: Answer is a
Further Reading:

Useful resources, C# Constructors

  1. They encapsulate native resource and must be properly Disposed to prevent potential exhausting of resources.

  2. They are all MarshalByRef derived classes, but functionality across AppDomains has specific limitations.

  3. You can inherit from these classes to provide enhanced or customized functionality

  4. They are Value Type objects.

Answer: Answer is a, b
Further Reading:

Useful resources, System.Drawing, MarshalByRefObject Class


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