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Mcq Answers for C#

  1. Defining methods dynamically.

  2. Defining types dynamically

  3. Defining assemblies dynamically

  4. Defining Instances dynamically

  5. Exporting an executable code to a disk based assembly

Answer: Answer is a, b, c
Further Reading:

Useful resources, System.Reflection.Emit

  1. <exception>

  2. <code>

  3. <summary>

  4. <events>

Answer: Answer is a, b, c
Further Reading:

<events> is not a valid tag. Useful resources, Tags for Documentation Comments

  1. They can be derived from any reference type.

  2. Two anonymous types with the same named parameters in the same order declared in different classes have the same type.

  3. Anonymous types can have methods

  4. All properties of an anonymous type are read/write

Answer: Answer is b
Further Reading:

If two or more anonymous object initializers in an assembly specify a sequence of properties that are in the same order and that have the same names and types, the compiler treats the objects as instances of the same type. They share the same compiler-generated type information.Anonymous types contain one or more public read-only properties. No other kinds of class members, such as methods or events, are valid.Anonymous types are class types that derive directly from object, and that cannot be cast to any type except object. From the perspective of the common language runtime, an anonymous type is no different from any other reference type. Useful resources, Anonymous Types

  1. System.Reflection.PropertyInfo

  2. System.Reflection.EventInfo

  3. System.Type

  4. System.Reflection.InstanceInfo

Answer: Answer is a, b, c

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(10);
  1. 10

  2. 20

  3. Some value equal to or larger than 13

  4. Int32.MaxValue

Answer: Answer is b
Further Reading:

Number in parameter denotes the capacity. The capacity parameter defines the maximum number of characters that can be stored in the memory allocated by the current instance. If the number of characters to be stored in the current instance exceeds capacity value, the StringBuilder object allocates additional memory to store them. Useful resources, StringBuilder Class, StringBuilder Constructor

  1. Usage of system settings for size, color, and font

  2. Support for Windows "High Contrast" option

  3. Usage of sound to notify of critical information

  4. Keyboard only access to all features including menus, and controls

Answer: Answer is d

  1. Methods

  2. Properties

  3. Fields

  4. Conversion operators

  5. Events

Answer: Answer is a, b, e
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Interfaces in C#

  1. int

  2. sbyte

  3. long

  4. All of the above

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

By default each element in the enum is int. You can specify another integral numeric type by using a colon. Useful resources, Enumeration type, enum

  1. ASCII

  2. Unicode

  3. UTF-7

  4. UTF-8


Answer: Answer is e
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Encoding Class

  1. Changes to value parameters always involve making a copy of the original argument

  2. Items passed as Reference Parameters must be initialized prior to the call

  3. Output Parameters do not need to be assigned inside the method

  4. Variable Length argument lists are not supported

Answer: Answer is b
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Passing Parameters, out, ref, params


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