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Mcq Answers for

  • "Support multiple browsers.
  • "Display a specific interface for browsers that have display dimensions of less than 640 x 480 pixels.

You need to design a solution for identifying the display dimensions of the requesting browser. Which approach should you recommend?

  1. Use Current UlCutture.

  2. Use the HttpUtility class.

  3. Use the Http Worker Request class.

  4. Use the Http Browser Capabilities class.

Answer: Answer is d

  • "Make use of exclusive features in a newly released Web browser.
  • "Do not change existing code files.

You need to design the application to meet the requirements. Which approach should you recommend?

  1. Use a .browser file.

  2. Use the Http Worker Request class.

  3. Use the Web application's master page.

  4. Parse the User Agent string in Page_Load.

Answer: Answer is a

  1. Use CurrentCulture.

  2. Use CurrentUlCulture.

  3. Use language-specific master pages.

  4. Use language-specific resource files.

Answer: Answer is b, d

  • Support multiple languages.
  • "Support dynamic changes to site content.
  • "Provide the ability to add content to the site without making changes to files within the application directory.

You need to recommend the application's source for retrieving content. Which source should you recommend?

  1. A database based on currentulculture

  2. A master page based on currentulcutture

  3. Local resources based on currentcutture

  4. Global resources based on currentculture

Answer: Answer is a

  1. Use a language-specific master page.

  2. Replicate each page once for each supported language.

  3. Create a local resource file for each page and for each language.

  4. Populate the database with data in each language, and retrieve the data in the user's language.

Answer: Answer is c, d

  1. Use CurrentCutture.

  2. Use CurrentUlCulture.

  3. Display all dates, numbers, and prices by using the Stnng.format() property of the controls.

  4. Display all dates, numbers, and prices by using the ToString(tormat) method of the reference and value types.

Answer: Answer is a, c

  • "To reduce maintenance cost, you must write the minimal amount of code required for fulfilling the goals.
  • "The service must function with Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.
  • "The service must implement the WS-Security standards.

You need to design the service to meet the requirements. Which approach should you recommend?

  1. Use an ASP.NET Web service.

  2. Use SQL Server XML Web services.

  3. Use a WCF service with multiple bindings.

  4. Use an .ashx file to return an XML response over HTTPS.

Answer: Answer is c

  • "Support rapid application development techniques.
  • "Allow the underlying database schema to change without affecting the object model.
  • "Contain strongly typed data objects.

You need to develop the data access layer.Which data access technology should you recommend?

  1. Entity Framework

  2. WCF Data Services

  3. ADO.NET Data Set

  4. ADO.NET Data Tables

Answer: Answer is a

  1. Entity Framework

  2. Windows Communication Foundation

  3. ADO.NET DataSets and ASP.NET Web Services

  4. ADO NET DataTables and ASP.NET Web Services

Answer: Answer is b

  1. ASMX and SOAP

  2. WCF Data Services and jQuery

  3. ASP.NET MVC 2 and Microsoft AJAX

  4. Entity Framework and Microsoft Silverhght

Answer: Answer is b, c


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