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Mcq Answers for CSS

  1. normal, wider, narrower

  2. normal, italic, oblique

  3. normal, bold, lighter

  4. small, medium, large

Answer: Answer is b
Further Reading:

Useful resources, font-style

  1. link

  2. active

  3. lang

  4. ins

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

Useful resources, pseudo-classes

td.right {text-align: right}

td.left {text-align: left}

Which of the following is the right way to use them in an HTML page?

  1. <td class="td.right">Some Text</td>

  2. <td class="right" class="left">Some Text</td>

  3. <td class="td.left" class="td.right">Some Text</td>

  4. <td class="right">Some Text</td>

Answer: Answer is b

BODY {background: url('banner.jpeg') right top}

What is the percentage of the background-position?

  1. 0% 0%

  2. 0% 100%

  3. 100% 0%

  4. 100% 100%

Answer: Answer is c
Further Reading:

Useful resources, background-position

p,i { color:red }

What do you understand about the contextual selector used above?

  1. All the text within a paragraph will be italicized

  2. All the italic text in the page will have red color

  3. All the page text under <p></p> tag and <i></i> tag will be red

  4. All the italic text within a paragraph will be red

Answer: Answer is c

  1. Set negative z-index for the image

  2. Set positive z-index for the image

  3. Set negative x-index for the image

  4. Set positive x-index for the image

Answer: Answer is a
Further Reading:

Useful resources, z-index

If a parent element display property is set to none, its children too will not be rendered.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: Answer is a

  1. font-size

  2. font-variant

  3. font-weight

  4. line-height

Answer: Answer is a, d
Further Reading:

Useful Resources: font properties,line-height


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