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Online Test ASP.NET with SQL Server

You are creating an application to enter timesheet data intuitively. Users will enter data using a DataGrid. You have added a button column to your DataGrid. The button column uses a custom button to allow users to initiate some calculations on the data in the grid. Which event does the DataGrid control raise when the custom button is clicked?

  1. EditCommand

  2. OnClick

  3. ButtonClicked

  4. ItemCommand

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

Useful resources, DataGrid.ItemCommand

  1. Integer, String, and Date

  2. char, String, and Date

  3. Integer, String, and varchar

  4. Integer, bool, and Date

Answer: Answer is a
Further Reading:

Useful resources, RangeValidator, RangeValidator Control

  1. <%@Page Import="myClass" Src="myClass.cs" %>

  2. <%@Page Inherits="myClass" Src="myClass.cs" %>

  3. <%@Page Include="myClass" Src="myClass.cs" %>

  4. <%@Page Insert="myClass" Src="myClass.cs" %>

Answer: Answer is b

  1. Internet Server Application Programming Interface

  2. Internet Information Server Program

  3. Webserver interface

  4. IIS Application

Answer: Answer is a
Further Reading:

Useful resources, IIS Request Processing

The code is displayed below: <%@ Register TagPrefix=" CertKing Tag" Namespace="ReportNS" Assembly=" CertKing Report" %> You want to set the PageNumber property of the control to 77. Which of the following lines of code should you include in your Web Form?

  1. < CertKing Tag:ReportNS PageNumber="77" runat="server" />

  2. <myReport PageNumber="77" src="rptctrl" runat="server" />

  3. < CertKing Tag:myReport PageNumber="77" runat="server" />

  4. <% Control TagName="myReport" src="rptctrl" runat="server" %>

Answer: Answer is a

  1. System.Assembly

  2. System.Reflection

  3. System.Collections

  4. System.Object

Answer: Answer is b

  1. Commit

  2. Terminate

  3. Save

  4. Close

  5. Rollback

Answer: Answer is a, c, e
Further Reading:

Useful resources, SqlTransaction

<%@ Register Tagprefix="WoodySideBankControls" Namespace="WoodySideBankNameSpace" Assembly="MyAssembly" %> The assembly named MyAssembly contains a custom server control named CSC1. Which of the following code samples will properly render CSC1 on the Web page?

  1. <WoodySideBankControls:CSC1 id="Control1" runat="server" />

  2. <WoodySideBankNameSpace:CSC1 id="Control1" runat="server" />

  3. <WoodySideBankControls:Control1 id="CSC1" runat="server" />

  4. <WoodySideBankNameSpace:Control1 id="CSC1" runat="server" />

Answer: Answer is a

  1. Init

  2. Load

  3. Error

  4. Abort

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Page class

You are a web developer for an international literary website. Your application has a lot of text content that requires translation and few executable components.Which approach would you use?

  1. Detect and redirect

  2. Use run-time adjustment

  3. Use satellite assemblies

  4. Allow the client browser to decide

Answer: Answer is a


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