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Online Test ASP.Net 3.5 using C#

  1. Including .Net code within the script element with the runat attribute set to server

  2. Including .Net code within the code element

  3. Including .Net code using the @code directive on the page

  4. Including .Net code within the execute attribute of the individual control

Answer: Answer is a

  1. Support is provided for the "Suite B" set of cryptographic algorithms as specified by the National Security Agency (NSA).

  2. Cryptography Next Generation (CNG) classes are supported on XP and Vista systems.

  3. The System.Security.Cryptography.AesManaged class allows custom block size, iteration counts and feedback modes to support any Rijndael based encryption.

  4. None of the above

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

“Suite B”, CNG and System.Security.Cryptography.AesManaged not available under .net 3.5. Also, Cryptography API Next Generation(CNG) is available from Windows Vista™and onward.Useful resources,Cryptography, AesManagedclass

  1. ApplicationException

  2. DataMisalignedException

  3. ExecutionEngineException

  4. SystemException

Answer: Answer is a
Further Reading:

The exception that is thrown when a non-fatal application error occurs. Useful resources, ApplicationException

  1. Bringing various existing communication technologies into a unified environment.

  2. Cross vendor/platform communication.

  3. Support for asynchronous communications.

  4. Support for distributed applications based on technologies such as MSMQ and/or COM+

  5. All of the above

Answer: Answer is e
Further Reading:

Useful resources, What is WCF, WCF

  1. The DataReader provides a cursor that can be used to move forward and backwards through the result.

  2. The DataReader provides random access capabilities on the result.

  3. The DataReader can provide the Schema information of the result to the application code.

Answer: Answer is c
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Retrieving Data Using a DataReader

  1. Propagate container related events to the child controls.

  2. Propagate child events up to control hierarchy

  3. Distribute events between peer child controls.

  4. Translate control unhandled control events into exceptions.

Answer: Answer is b
Further Reading:

The ASP.NET page framework provides a technique called event bubbling that allows a child control to propagate events up its containment hierarchy. Useful resources, Event Bubbling

  1. <%#    %>

  2. <%--   --%>

  3. <--   -->

  4. <#  >

Answer: Answer is a
Further Reading:

ASP.NET introduces a new declarative syntax, <%# %>. This syntax is the basis for using data binding in an .aspx page. All data binding expressions must be contained within these characters.Useful resources, ASP.NET data binding

  1. Remove the cookie from the System.Web.UI.Page.Request.Cookies collection.

  2. Remove the cookie from the System.Web.UI.Page.Request.Browser.Cookies collection.

  3. Set the Expires property to DataTime.Now for a cookie in the Web.UI.Page.Response.Cookies

  4. Remove the cookie from the System.Web.UI.Page.Response.Cookies collection.

Answer: Answer is c
Further Reading:

You cannot directly delete a cookie on a user's computer. However, you can direct the user's browser to delete the cookie by setting the cookie's expiration date to a past date. The next time a user makes a request to a page within the domain or path that set the cookie, the browser will determine that the cookie has expired and remove it. Useful resources, How to: Delete a Cookie

  1. The DataSets and DataTables objects requires continuous connection to the database

  2. All tables in a dataset must come from the same database

  3. A given instance of a DataTable can be in only one DataSet

  4. Content from multiple DataSets can easily be combined into a single DataSet that contains the net result of all changes

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

Useful resources,Dataset,   Datatable, multiple database table in singe dataset.

Statement X: DateTimeOffset values can be converted to DateTime values and vice versa.

Statement Y: DateTimeOffset does not supports arithmetical operations

  1. Statement X is incorrect and Statement Y is correct

  2. Statement X is correct and Statement Y is incorrect

  3. Both Statements X, Y are correct

  4. Both Statements X, Y are incorrect

Answer: Answer is b
Further Reading:

Useful resources, DateTimeOffsetStructure


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