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Online Test DotNet 3.5 using C#

  1. It must begin with a from clause

  2. It must begin with a select clause

  3. It can end with a group clause

  4. It must contain at least one where clause

  5. An orderby clause may optionally follow a select clause

Answer: Answer is a, c
Further Reading:

A query expression must begin with a from clause and must end with a select or group clause. Between the first from clause and the last select or group clause, it can contain one or more of these optional clauses: where, orderby, join, let and even additional from clauses. You can also use the into keyword to enable the result of a join or group clause to serve as the source for additional query clauses in the same query expression. Useful resources, Query Expression Basics

  1. Expression trees are a data structure which can be initially composed using language syntax.

  2. Expression trees are dynamically generated code which is executed to perform the desired function.

  3. Expression trees can only be created from Lambda Expressions

  4. Expression trees can be modified once they are created

  5. All of the Above

Answer: Answer is e
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Expression Trees

  1. They must be inherited from the System.Attribute

  2. Attributes are instantiated at the same time as instances of the class to which they are applied.

  3. Attribute classes may be restricted to be applied only to application element types.

  4. By default, a given attribute may be applied multiple times to the same application element.

Answer: Answer is a, d
Further Reading:

All attribute types derive directly or indirectly from the Attribute class. Attributes can be applied to any target element; multiple attributes can be applied to the same target element; and attributes can be inherited by an element derived from a target element. Use the AttributeTargets class to specify the target element to which the attribute is applied. Useful resources, Attribute Class , Attribute

  1. Use the DataRowCollection.Remove method to immediately delete  the row.

  2. use the DataRowCollection.Remove method to mark the row for deletion when DataRow.AcceptChanges is called.

  3. use the DataRow.Delete method to immediately delete  the row

  4. use the DataRow.Delete method to mark the row for deletion when DataRowAcceptChanges is called.

Answer: Answer is a, d
Further Reading:

Useful resources, DataRow , DataRowCollection, DataRow.Delete Method

  1. It adds properties for direct access to both the Key and the Value

  2. It is optimized to handle the structure of a Dictionary.

  3. It provides properties to determine if the Dictionary is enumerated in Key or Value order

  4. It provides reverse lookup methods to distinguish a Key from a specific Value

Answer: Answer is a
Further Reading:

Useful resources, IEnumerator, IDictionaryEnumerator,stackoverflow answer

  1. provide a means to rollback a failed transaction

  2. provide a means to undo a successfully committed transaction later

  3. provide a means to terminate an in process transaction

  4. achieve load balancing by adapting to the current activity

Answer: Answer is b
Further Reading:

Compensation in Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is the mechanism by which previously completed work can be undone or compensated. Useful resources, Compensation

  1. Restricted to a Specific Application

  2. Restricted to a Specific AppDomain

  3. Restricted to a Specific User

  4. Restricted to a specific Physical Media

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

Useful resources, System.IO.IsolatedStorage, Isolated Storage

  1. It provides an exact point in time relative to the UTC time zone

  2. It combines a DateTime structure with a TimeZone structure

  3. It provides arithmetical operations using values with different offsets from the UTC

  4. It can be used to determine the specific TimeZone for a local time

Answer: Answer is a, c
Further Reading:

Useful resources, DateTimeOffsetStructure

  1. Defining methods dynamically.

  2. Defining types dynamically

  3. Defining assemblies dynamically

  4. Defining Instances dynamically

  5. Exporting an executable code to a disk based assembly

Answer: Answer is a, b, c
Further Reading:

Useful resources, System.Reflection.Emit

  1. <exception>

  2. <code>

  3. <summary>

  4. <events>

Answer: Answer is a, b, c
Further Reading:

<events> is not a valid tag. Useful resources, Tags for Documentation Comments


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