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Online Test DotNet 2.0 using C#

  1. not supported except for implementing an indexer.

  2. properties which take one or more parameters (e.g. to retrieve one element from a member collection)

  3. properties which take one or more parameters (e.g. to retrieve one element from a member collection)

  4. properties which can be passed as Method Parameters so they can be invoked by the called method.

Answer: Answer is a

  1. It provides communication across heterogeneous networks

  2. It provides communication when one of the endpoints may be off-line

  3. It may behave differently depending on the current operating system

  4. A new system level queue may be created simply by creating  an instance of MessageQueue.

Answer: Answer is a, b, c
Further Reading:

Useful resources, MessageQueue class

  1. Identifier

  2. Whitespace

  3. Punctuator

  4. Operator

  5. All of the above

Answer: Answer is a, c, d
Further Reading:

There are several kinds of tokens: identifiers, keywords, literals, operators, and punctuators. White space and comments are not tokens, though they act as separators for tokens. Useful resources, Tokens

  1. Added

  2. Modified

  3. Dirty

  4. Detached

  5. Deleted

Answer: Answer is c
Further Reading:

Useful resources, DataRowState Enumeration

  1. Exceptions should be derived from the System.Exception, but are not required to do so.

  2. If no catch block is found for an exception, and the source is not a static constructor, a System.ThreadException will be thrown

  3. Mathematical errors such as divide by zero, or numeric overflow will generate an exception that is derived from System.Exception

  4. Every throw statement must have at least one catch block

Answer: Answer is c
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Exception

  1. Trace is enabled for both Release and Debug initial configurations

  2. Trace can be controlled both by preprocessor directives, and compiler directives

  3. To change the severity levels which generate output, you must recompile your program

  4. All of the Above

Answer: Answer is a
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Trace Class

  1. #define

  2. #line

  3. #include

  4. #error

  5. #pragma

Answer: Answer is c
Further Reading:

#include is not a valid C# preprocessor directive. Useful resources, C# Preprocessor Directives

  1. public static void Main() {}

  2. public static int Main() {}

  3. public static int Main(string[] args) {}

  4. public static int Main(string cmdline) {}

  5. private static int Main(string[] args) {}

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

Main can either have a void or int return type and it can be declared with or without string[] parameter that contains command line argument. We can’t pass a simple string variable as Main method argument. Useful resources, Main

  1. Assigning a GUID to each exposed interface and implementation via the System.Runtime.InteropServices.GuidAttribute

  2. Enabling an unsafe code

  3. Registering the server assembly  with the system using RegAsm.exe

  4. Registering the server assembly  with the system using RegSvc32.exe

Answer: Answer is a, c
Further Reading:

Useful resources, Managed COM answered by jmsigler2

  1. Start

  2. Continue

  3. Pause

  4. Restart

Answer: Answer is d
Further Reading:

Useful resources, ServiceController Class


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