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Online Test Knowledge of .Net Framework 4.0 Skills

  1. Using System.Windows.Data namespace, you can integrate rich media, including drawings, text, and audio/video content in Windows Presentation Foundation applications

  2. It contains classes used for binding properties to data sources, data source provider classes, and data-specific implementations of collections and views

  3. It provides the types that support navigation, including navigating between windows and navigation journaling

  4. It contains classes for creating windows-based applications that take full advantage of the rich user interface features available in the Microsoft Windows operating system

Answer: Answer is b
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Suppose you have a GridView with paging enabled. You select the third row on page 1 and then move to page 2. Nothing is selected on page 2. When you move back to page 1, the third row should still be selected.

  1. Set the GridView DataKeyNames property

  2. Set the GridView EnablePersistedSelection property to true

  3. Set the Gridview PagerSettings-Mode property

  4. It is not possible to implement the given logic for the scenario described above

Answer: Answer is b
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  1. int findoddNumbers = number.Count(n => n % 2 == 1);

  2. int findoddNumbers = number.Count( n % 2 == 1);

  3. int findoddNumbers = (from number in numberswhere numbers%2==1select Count());

  4. int findoddNumbers = (from number in numberswhere number%2==1select numbers).Count();

Answer: Answer is d

  1. 5

  2. 12

  3. 20

    1. infinite
Answer: Answer is b
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  1. <httpModules maxRequestPathLength="260" maxQueryStringLength="2048" />

  2. <httpRuntime maxRequestPathLength="260" maxQueryStringLength="2048" />

  3. None of the above

Answer: Answer is b
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  1. Check IntPtr.Size property for a value of 8.

  2. Call the Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable method and pass in the string "Platform" as an argument. Check for a return value of "x64".

  3. Call the WOW64 emulator method Isx64() and check the boolean return value.

Answer: Answer is a
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  1. XAML

  2. SOAP

  3. Atom

  4. WSDL

Answer: Answer is c
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  1. System.Web.Mvc

  2. System.Web.Mvc.Async

  3. System.Web.Mvc. Html

  4. System.Web.Mvc.Sync

Answer: Answer is c
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  1. They define, for each parameter or return type, what data is serialized to be exchanged

  2. They define which operations the client can perform on the service

  3. They define which errors are raised by the service, and how the service handles and propagates errors to its clients

Answer: Answer is a
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  1. This event is first raised on the root, then on each element down the tree until the source element is reached.

  2. This event is only raised on the source element. It will have the same behavior as a plain .NET event, except that such events can still participate in mechanisms specific to routed events such as event triggers

  3. This event is first raised on the source element, then on each element up the tree until the root is reached

  4. None of the above

Answer: Answer is c
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