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Online Test MS SQL Server 2005






Answer: Answer is b, d
Further Reading:

Useful resources,Transaction Statements

  1. varchar (max)

  2. varbinary (max)

  3. nvarchar (max)

  4. nvarbinary (max)

  5. image

  6. uniqueidentifier

  7. xml

Answer: Answer is a, b, c, g

  1. Tables

  2. Stored Procedures

  3. Indexes

  4. UDF(User Defined Functions)

  5. All of the above

Answer: Answer is e
Further Reading:

Useful resources, DATEDIFF

  1. Using the backup of Transaction log (ldf) file

  2. Taking Backup using flat files

  3. Using Log Shipping

  4. Taking Database Snapshot of Transaction log

Answer: Answer is a
Further Reading:

Useful resources,The Transaction Log

  1. Hierarchical model

  2. Network model

  3. Composite model

  4. Relational model

  5. Recursive model

Answer: Answer is c, e
Further Reading:

Useful resources,Database model

While using the Select query, the IN clause is a better choice than the EXIST clause.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: Answer is a

  1.  Update [Table Name] set [Field Name]= (replace('Reading','Writing'))

  2. Update [Table Name] set [Field Name]= (replace('Writing',' Reading'))

  3. Update [Table Name] set [Field Name]= (replace([Field Name],' Writing'))

  4. Update [Table Name] set [Field Name]= (replace([Field Name],' Reading '))

  5. Update [Table Name] set [Field Name]= (replace([Field Name],'Reading','Writing'))

  6. Update [Table Name] set [Field Name]= (replace([Field Name],'Writing ','Reading'))

Answer: Answer is e

  1. Northwind

  2. pubs

  3. AdventureWorks

  4. master

  5. tempdb

Answer: Answer is c

  1. It checks the allocation of all the objects in the specified database.

  2. It checks the structural integrity of all the objects in the specified database.

  3. It checks for consistency in and between system tables in the specified database.

  4. It checks the consistency of disk space allocation structures of a specified database.

Answer: Answer is a, b, d
Further Reading:

DBCC CHECKALLOC - Checks the consistency of disk space allocation structures for a specified database.

DBCC CHECKTABLE- Checks the integrity of all the pages and structures that make up the table or indexed view.

DBCC CHECKCATALOG-Checks for catalog consistency within the specified database. The database must be online.


Delete Orders

  1. It will remove the Orders Table from the database

  2. It will remove up to 1000 rows from the Orders Table

  3. It will remove all rows from the Orders Table

  4. It will remove all the rows as well as the indexes and constraints from the Orders Table

  5. It will produce error on execution

Answer: Answer is c


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