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Online Test MS SQL Server 2005

A User Defined Function 'findsum' is to be created as follows:

Create function findsum(@x int, @y int)





But the SQL SERVER is unable to create the desired function and gives an error. The error can be removed by specifying the return type of the function.

  1. False

  2. True

Answer: Answer is b
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  1. Init

  2. Accumulate

  3. Aggregate

  4. Merge

  5. Terminate

Answer: Answer is c

  1. DDL (Data Definition Language)

  2. DML (Data Manipulation Language)

  3. TCL (Transaction Control Language)

  4. DCL (Data Control Language)

Answer: Answer is d

  1. ntext

  2. nvarchar(n)

  3. xml

  4. nsmallmoney

Answer: Answer is d
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Table emp_1

Name               Date

Robert              1/5/2008

John                   1/6/2008

Michael               1/7/2008

Rachael               1/10/2008

Joey                   1/10/2008

Table emp_2

Name               Date

Lewis               1/05/2008

David               1/07/2008

George               1/11/2008

Jerry                 1/12/2008

Monica               1/12/2008

The following query is run in the Query Analyzer:

SELECT Date FROM emp_1


SELECT Date FROM emp_2


What will be the result of the query?

  1. 1/6/2008, 1/10/2008, 1/11/2008, 1/12/2008

  2. 1/6/2008, 1/10/2008, 1/10/2008

  3. 1/6/2008, 1/10/2008, 1/11/2008, 1/12/2008, 1/12/2008

  4. 1/6/2008, 1/10/2008

  5. The query will give an error as EXCEPT is only concerned with varchar values

Answer: Answer is d
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  1. Functions

  2. Triggers

  3. Table

  4. Indexes

  5. Assemblies

Answer: Answer is c, d
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  1. SELECT * FROM employees WHERE salary=null

  2. SELECT * FROM employees WHERE salary equals null

  3. SELECT * FROM employees WHERE salary is null

  4. SELECT * FROM employees WHERE salary contains null

Answer: Answer is c

A company has an online shopping website named It also has to handle its line of business portion. Its main server supports 4 CPUs and a multi-core processor

  1. SQL SERVER 2005 Enterprise Edition

  2. SQL SERVER 2005 Standard Edition

  3. SQL SERVER 2005 Workgroup Edition

  4. SQL SERVER 2005 Developer Edition

  5. SQL SERVER 2005 Express Edition

Answer: Answer is b

  1. The prefix will speed up the execution as it is in cache and will always get executed with high priority

  2. The prefix will slow down the execution as the prefix is reserved for system stored procedures

  3. The performance will not be affected as "sp_" is just a prefix for a stored procedure

  4. The prefix will speed up the execution as prefix "sp_" is used for stored procedures by default

Answer: Answer is b



SELECT * FROM abcsite.abctable


  1. It will show the query plan and the estimated cost of running

  2. It will show all the rows of the "abctable" table

  3. It will show all the rows of the "abctable" table and the table structure

  4. It will show the identities and Constraints applied on this table

Answer: Answer is a


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